Unscented Oat and Clay

Unscented Oat and Clay

We understand that some may be allergic to essential oils so we made this soap scent free.  It's great for sensitive skin as it contains oats, kaolin clay and honey.  If you deal with skin irritation this soap is for you.

$7.50 per 110g bar - Bars are hand cut so size may vary.

  • Additional Information

    All of our soaps are palm free and made with no artificial fragrances or colours.

    Since all our bars are created in small batches they are cut by hand so sizes may vary slightly from bar to bar.

    How to care for your soap:
    When using a handmade soap, it's best to keep it in a soap dish with proper drainage. Keeping your soap as dry as possible when it's not in use will extend it's life.