HiveAlive 500ml

HiveAlive 500ml

HiveAlive is the only feed supplement scientifically proven to deliver stronger colonies, increase honey production, keep disease levels low and improve over-winter success. 


What is HiveAlive?

  • Liquid feed supplement for bees that contains a proprietary blend of SEAWEED EXTRACTS (specifically selected for honeybee health)
  • Seaweeds are increasingly used commercially in animal feeds to promote weight gain, intestinal well-being and immune health
  • HiveAlive was the first feed supplement for bees that uses seaweeds and the ONLY supplement that uses seaweed extracts
  • HiveAlive also contains thymol and lemongrassIt is made in Ireland and follows strict EU manufacturing regulations and conforms to all FDA requirement


How do I feed HiveAlive?



  • Shake well. Contents will settle.
  • Feed HiveAlive annually at the end of the honey harvest when the honey supers have been removed.
  • All syrup fed to be activated at a concentration of 2.5 ml of HiveAlive to every litre of syrup.*
  • Stir well.